• How a -25 C or -15 C Heat Pump Prove to be Worth for Cold Climate Region?


    Do you want to buy a high performing heat pump to beat the below -25 C winter temperature in the North America? Then consider buying -25 C or -15 C heat pump to get a cost-effective way to tackle the average North American winter temperatures that go below -25 C. The high performing heat pump for cold climate use an air-to-water principle, which has many advantages over the conventional air-to-air heat pumps.

    Here are points that prove to buy a -25 C or -15 C cold climate heat pump proves to be worth for every residential and commercial owner!


    1. Efficiently Covers your Heating Needs Down to -25 C or -15 C:


    Cold climate heat pumps are one of the most advanced and cost-effective air source heat pump available on the market. The -15 C or -25 C heat pumps have the ability to heat your home, office, shop, and pool or hot tub. The best thing about the -25 C or -15 C heat pumps is it can efficiently heat and cool your home in the summer as well as can also provide the heat required for domestic hot water, hot tubs and pools.


    By utilizing the industry leading Mitsubishi EVI (Enhanced Vapor Injection) compressor along with DC variable speed input, the cold climate heat pumps are capable of operating continuously in weather as low as -25 C or -15 C (-5 Fahrenheit).


    The cold climate heat pump can provide all the heating and cool your home requires in a convenient way. This helps in saving up to 50%-70%, compared to the traditional electric heating systems.


    2. Utilizes an Energy Conservation Principle:


    Specially designed to work in the below freezing temperature, the cold climate heat pumps utilize the energy conservation principle, which is used in all fridges, air conditioners, and freezers for decades. The air below the freezing temperature has the same amount or relative energy as it was having above the freezing level.


    3. Available with Solar Thermal Assistance:


    Using the cold climate heat pumps that are designed for the ability to be connected to solar thermal booster helps you to make the most from it. With a high-efficiency solar vacuum tube system, the heat pump ensures improved performance and provides heat energy even in -40 C degree weather. The inexpensive cold climate heat pumps have the capability to provide the homeowners up to 3MWH of free heat energy.


    4. Best for Different Applications:


    -25 C or -15 C heat pumps for cold climate can distribute the heat energy to any source like heating and cooling fans, hot water, hydronic in floor heating, finned radiators, pools, hot tubs and air handlers.


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