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Advantage of Radiant Floor Cooling Over Traditional Systems

Most homeowners are well-acquainted with the benefits of radiant floor heating and don’t have any idea of radiant floor cooling. It can be a cost effective way for those building a home with hydronic heat.

Radiant cooling system is quiet, dust-free, and efficient and has been used in Europe for decades. According to the studies by Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory in California estimate the energy saving of radiant floor cooling that is over 30% than traditional air cooling.

Using of TS510 Dew Point Sensor

The main myth is that you can’t cool the slab as it will condensate and result in a wet floor. It’s true if there’s not a proper controller in place. If you incorporate a dew point switch like the REESOL TS510 that integrates with MX controller, you can avoid the chance of moisture on the floors ensuring cooling.

In fact, cooling only needs floor temperature of 10 degree difference to make a great impact on the cooling temperature indoors. An average building that runs 66-68F chilled water can keep the temperature to 68-76 F easily.

A dew point sensor is utilized to monitor the condensation on the lines going to the slab. If these lines condensate, the sensor will tell the controller and the controller will adjust the input temperature that goes into the slab to ensure there won’t any floor condensation.

The Importance of Radiant Floor Cooling

One of the biggest savings of radiant cooling comes from the cost of pump over the price of the fan. A typical circulation pump consumes around 0.5 Amps while cooling or heating house. But a fan coil AC unit can operate at high 8-10 Amps to run the fan motor.

Another benefit of this cooling system is the even distribution of heating or cooling in the home. This means, when cooling with radiant floor heating, no hot or cold spot or draft or no wind noise occurs.

During summer, you need to run AC to remove the humidity in the air. The main problem with an AC to dehumidify is it only works when the AC is working. This means in humid climates, the Ac runs constantly to remove moisture. But the end result is the inside temperature cools below the AHRI standard for healthy living.

A radiant floor cooling system won’t fix humidity issues; but installing a lathe or an entire house dehumidifier can do this job quickly at around one fourth cost of an AC unit. However, a hydronic air to water heat pump is the right way to maximize your home comfort. This system can be able to provide both heating cooling benefits you can leverage your investment around all months of the year.

If you want to take advantage of Arctic Heat Pumps radiant floor cooling system. You can get an opportunity to receive maximum savings on residential hot water. For more information about our products, please contact us as soon as possible and we’ll get back to you right away!

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