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Cold Climate Heat Pump: Heating Solution for Domestic Use in Cold Weather

Do you need cost effective heat pumps for cold climates? Looking for an advanced solution over conventional air-to-air heat pumps? If yes, choose no other than Arctic Series Cold Climate Heat Pump– the perfect heat pump best suiting for cold climates. This heat pump is an efficient option in heat pump industry that remains unparalleled in terms of performance and cost. The perfectly engineered Arctic cold weather heat pump is designed in such a way that makes it an unsurpassed choice at a price point of half of a traditional geothermal heat pump without any compromise on product quality.
Arctic Heat Pumps – The Perfect Option for Domestic Heating Needs during Cold Weather
The cold climate heat pump comes with German Wilo Pumps, European Sanhua Valves, Chico digital control system and Mitsubishi EVI DC inverter compressor – all these are harnessed directly into complete weather proof housing. Unlike other heat pumps for cold climates, the Arctic Heat Pump can effortlessly keep a control on the entire domestic heating needs – starting from hot water to space heating or cooling with DC inverter fan coils and hydronic heating loops. Even, you can integrate this heat pump any hot tub or pool to provide full heat with titanium heat exchangers. However, the ODR (Out Door Unit) comprises of everything that you need in monobloc systems ( Which means all refrigerants are contained inside the outdoor unit in a hermitically sealed system and water instead of piping to the unit). This implies you don’t need any expensive service that calls for a refrigeration mechanic. All you need to do is a CEC or NEC certified electrical connection with an outdoor rated disconnect including 240 VAC connection with a 20 or 30 Amp dedicated breaker depending upon the size of the heat pump.
What Makes Arctic Heat Pump Integrated Solution for Home-
Built-in Backup Facility -
A built-in backup is present in the buffer tank which can be controlled from the heat pump automatically. It makes the integrate through an internal heater much simple and effective. However, the backup heater will be provided the signal from the heat up when the heat pump can’t keep up. This makes sure that you won’t waste energy when two heat sources compete at a time.
Expandability Benefits -
The unique design and features of Arctic heat pump allows you to combine heat pumps together to form larger heating systems as needed. If your heating system is too large for the capacity of the pump, you can add a second heat hump in series to enhance the flow pressure.
Simple and Easy-to-operate Controller -
Usually, Arctic Heat Pumps make the use of simple differential controller logic with a tank thermometer probe. The tanks at the heat pump comprise of a special cooper probe at the top and bottom so that you can measure the tank accurately. Besides, the heat pump is designed in such a way that can be optimized automatically to reach the temperature for the tank. So, when the weather changes, the heat pump will change and use only exactly the same that needs to keep the buffer tank at the pre-defined temperature.
Bottom Line -
Do you want to install cold weather heat pump? Check out highly efficient heat pumps for cold climates at Arctic Heat Pumps. For more information about our cold climate heat pump, please make a visit to our website at!
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