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How Do The Arctic Air Source Heat Pump Work In Cold Climate?

Do you need the most energy efficient heat pumps for cold climates? Then, look no further than Arctic Air Source Heat Pump. These heat pumps are the most popular options for hydronic heating and cooling purposes.

All of these systems are designed in such a way to integrate with a solar thermal heater. It can enhance the overall efficiency and operation costs of your heating system by 20 percent. In fact, solar thermal heaters are the perfect option to use with an air source heat pump.


But, how the air source heat pump works on cold climate conditions, especially in North America?


The Working Principle of Air Source Heat Pump –


The solar vacuum tubes utilize the heat pipe technology to transfer solar energy to a heat bulb. The heat bulb has a capacity to reach the temperature range up to 300 C.Every collector comprises of 20 or 30 bulbs – which are inserted into an insulated copper header, known as a heat exchanger.


The heat pipes transfer the heat energy to the copper header and a special glycol heating fluid. In fact, the header contains around 0.6 gallons of heating fluid. A temperature sensor is connected to the header.


Another temperature sensor is kept at the bottom of the buffer tank. A differential controller with a pump unit senses the temperatures. When the heating fluid present on the top of the collector exceeds the water temperature inside the tank, the pump will be activated and thus signals the start of energy transfer.


After that, the hot heating fluid starts circulating around the large heat exchanger – which’s present on the bottom of the tank. Then, the energy is transferred to the storage tank in order to deliver to the remaining part of your home heating system.


Besides, the solar heating system is an ideal combination of air to water heat pump as they both share the glycol heating fluid. Unlike other air to air heat pumps, solar and hydronic heat pumps use the same energy storage principle.


Though homeowners want to minimize the energy cost, they should consider combining an air to water heat pump with solar thermal heaters. No matter what, these pumps will increase performance and reduce operating costs.


How Do You BuySolar Powered Air Source Heat Pumps?


Arctic Heat Pumps has the best selection of Arctic series air source heat pump – which can work well in cold climates. Our Arctic air source heat pump features:

  • Sun Rain TZ581800 20R Collector
  • RESol BS/2 Differential Controller
  • Zimlet solar expansion tank
  • 100 x feet of Aurora Solar Piping Stainless steel with ¾” insulated line set and temperature wire
  • 5 gallon Solar Glycol heating fluid
  • PD displacement drill, pump for filling system
  • 1 x Sun Rain Mini Pump Station
  • All fittings ¾” FTP quick connect fittings with high temp ceramic gaskets

Please check out the available selection of Arctic Series air source pumps for cold climates at and enjoy the North American cold weather to the fullest.

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